Graphic Design • Creative Management

Scott Fitzhugh

President, Fitz Sales and Marketing
Formerly V.P. Sales and Marketing, OurPet's Company (managed Justine)

“Justine Conklin worked within the OurPet’s marketing department as a Graphic Designer and then as Creative Manager for six years. During this time, her job duties included the graphic design leadership of all marketing corporate and consumer collateral of OurPet’s including, but not limited to: Product Packaging, Consumer and Corporate Websites, Trade Booth, Brochures, Product Catalog, Advertising, Product Mock-ups, and key Retailer Presentations. Justine impressed us each year with well thought out and beautifully designed creative solutions. Her relentless drive, passion and competitive nature made her one of most technically proficient assets in the Marketing Department. As Justine’s role expanded at OurPet’s, especially into a product development leadership role, her capabilities were even more impressive and evident. Justine played the direct key leadership role in the complete overhaul rebranding and new product initiatives of the acquired Cosmic Catnip brand. Justine’s tenacious efforts within this massive project at OurPet’s is a shining moment that displayed her overall capabilities to handle immense work volume within a concise and restrictive timeline, while maintaining the highest level of quality and creativity. Justine’s quantity and innovative quality of work is simply outstanding, and her strong ability to work on variety of project teams garnered the respect and praise of everyone around her. I highly recommend Justine to any organization looking for a talented, hard-working creative manager."


Jerry Spelic

Director of Marketing, Easy2 Technologies (managed Justine)

“It has been my privilege to have brought Justine on board at the OurPet's Company and to have been her manager for several years. Justine has consistently shown that she can handle an incredibly large workload while maintaining a high level of creativity (and handling it all calmly and professionally). In addition, Justine has embraced every challenge presented to her and has grown and thrived as a professional, leading and managing many successful projects. Justine has shown that she is creative, competent and congenial, and would be an asset to any company lucky enough to hire her.”


Linda Natco

President & Creative Director, Little Pond Graphic Productions (managed Justine)

“As the Creative Director at Little Pond Graphic Productions, I am pleased to recommend to you my business associate, Justine Conklin. I have worked closely with Justine for more that six years and I am very impressed with her work. She began her work as a Graphics Assistant and we were pleased to promote her to Graphic Designer. As a Graphic Designer, Justine has the ability to create an exciting product that exceeds the vision of the client. She has an excellent work ethic, attention to detail and the ability to look at a project from multiple perspectives to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction. Her work was one of the major factors in the continued growth of our company. Justine was also willing to accept tasks outside of the realm of her training including execution of sales and marketing objectives and works well in the fast-paced studio environment. Justine was a pleasure to work with and we will miss her sense of humor and modern design aesthetic. I whole heartedly would, without any reservation, recommend Justine to you. I am sure she will be a tremendous asset to your company. Sincerely, Linda Natco President and Creative Director Little Pond Graphic Productions"


Cathryn Sicker

Graphic Designer, OurPet's Company (reported to Justine)

“It has been a privilege to work for Justine for the past 3 years. She is an incredibly versatile and skillful designer, and I have always admired her tireless work ethic and efficiency. She has great instincts about how to put together an effective design, and is always full of good insights into the nuances of branding and marketing. In addition to producing top notch design work, I saw Justine preform exceptionally well in a number of other roles and responsibilities at OurPet's. She functions as an integral part of the product development team here, and has successfully led a number of important projects. Justine can accomplish a lot single-handedly, but she also has a creative, enthusiastic attitude that makes her a great team member.

Justine has managed several designers here at OurPet's, and while she has high standards for us, she always leads by example. Our department is often very busy, but Justine is conscientious in her efforts to keep us from being overwhelmed or over-worked. She is respectful of our time, and I have never known her to shirk or off-load her responsibilities, regardless of the number of projects she happens to be working on.

Justine would be a great asset to any team. She is creative, hard-working and effective as a manager and employee. Justine has taught me a great deal about what it means to be a professional and a designer, and I am very pleased to recommend her for an Art Director or Creative Director position. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information."


Cathy Finegan

Freelance Client, Non-Profit: International Society of Glass Beadmakers (hired Justine)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Justine has been a joy to work with for the past five years. She had design ideas and moved our booklet to a more professional look. She was good at making suggestions, and taking direction, while also able to work independently. She was able to find errors and recommend corrections. She always met deadlines even though we were working over the Christmas holidays to get done every year. I'd hire Justine again if I was still the meeting planner for the organization, but my contract expired as of September with this organization.”


Steven Bull

President, Advanced IT Technologies, Formerly IT Administrator for OurPet's Company
(worked with Justine at OurPet's, hired Justine at AIT)

“It was always a pleasure working with Justine. She not only produces excellent quality work, but has that true creative spark that I've found few possess. She has the ability to manage multiple complex projects and keep them on a strict timeline, while maintaining tight budget restrictions.”