Graphic Design • Creative Management

Craft kit packaging

I enjoyed designing the box, branding and graphics for this packaging,
but it was really fun making the samples!




The brilliant color of these lilies demanded an ad that represents
the amazing feeling you get standing in a field surrounded by beauty.

Product Catalog


This corporate catalog was developed to showcase the company's family of brands.


Natural Pet Products Brand

This branding needed to evoke a natural feeling and be
immediately recognizable as a pet products brand.

Trade Show Kiosks


The large lifestyle graphics on these trade show kiosks do an excellent job of evoking
the natural feeling of the brand and immediately identifying it as a pet products brand.

Corporate Trade Show Postcard


This postcard introduced the company's new family of stainless steel bowls
while directing customers to the company's trade show booth.

Natural Dog Treats


These natural dog treats needed to be I added the window!

Gourmet Popcorn Labels


A combination of Illustrator and Photoshop was used to create these gourmet popcorn labels.

Brand Logos


These are just a few of the logos I created for some pet products brands.

Music Festival Flyer


This flyer was created to promote the Ms. North Coast Pageant and

"welcome home" events associated with the North Coast Music Festival.


This is a poster that I created for the North Coast Music Festival in Cleveland, Ohio.

Natural Pet Shampoo


The simple style of this packaging, color bars and bold images
make it easy for the consumer to shop.

Cat Toys Brohure


This brochure was developed to showcase the Play-N-Squeak brand of cat toys.

Wild Hares!


Designing these toys, the logo and branding was one of my favorite projects.

  • chihuly

Product Photography


One of the battery parts I photographed for an automotive parts catalog.

Dale Chihuly


I took this photo at a Chihuly exhibit at the Pittsburgh Conservatory.

Pet Photography


This is one of the most playful pets I've photographed.



This is an image I took at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland.
It was an amazing experience to be just a few feet from the band!

Product Action Image


I modeled for this image and shot it. Good thing I was wearing my conservative nail polish!

The Bean


A self-portrait in the Bean in Chicago.

  • magazine advertisement
  • brochure

Magazine Advertisement


This was an ad to promote awareness of the Play-N-Squeak cat toys brand among consumers.

Trade Publication Advertisement


This ad was designed for a trade magazine to drive awareness of the Play-N-Squeak cat toys brand
as well as tie it in with the parent company and it's other brands.

Product Brochure


This trade brochure was created using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Powerpoint Background


This is a powerpoint background developed for the Play-N-Squeak brand.

PNS Product


I developed the product, logo, packaging and branding for this cat toy brand.

New Product Showcase


This is just one of the many new product displays I've created
to showcase new product offerings at a pet products tradeshow.